Sexuality=right and choice

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Sarah Paulson & Tatiana Maslany | Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass panel on day 3 of Comic-Con International (July 26, 2014)

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I think @tatianamaslany likes her new @EW pillow. She always sleeps on her face. #SDCC #EntertainmentWeekly (x)

I think @tatianamaslany likes her new @EW pillow. She always sleeps on her face. #SDCC #EntertainmentWeekly (x)

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Anonymous asked: Well, your smile is far better ;)

Is it now? ;)

Union Jack and Arctic Monkeys on the same T shirt.What could be better?

Union Jack and Arctic Monkeys on the same T shirt.What could be better?

Anonymous asked: At least I hope I'm right about this, because my father actually went to a protest against gay marriage in France, soooo... :D

That is so cool :)

Anonymous asked: I don't know, maybe they just don't realize what they were saying ^^ I used to call a lot of things "gaaay" just for fun or self-mockery, but I only realized later how hurtful it was for some people, and how an asshole they think I was. In fact, your coming out could even be helpful for them to realize how unwise words can hurt. When you don't know how uncomfortable you can make a person, you do make her uncomfortable,even without wishing it. I don't know if I'm clear, I'm even sure I'm not, sry

I understand but I’m not sure what to do

Anonymous asked: Laura Prepon vs.... Tatiana Maslany ! Who wins =D

Got to give this one to Tatiana. The woman has more facets than I’ve seen in most actresses of our days. Plus, she makes a hot trans. (Tony Sawicki) No hate towards Laura though.

Anonymous asked: I'm having serious thoughts about coming out to my parents... What about you? ^^'

So far I’m not planning to do so. They can be pretty judgemental. I mean, my father and cousin used to call me gay when I was younger, as a tease.I’m not sure of how they will react if I say I mean it.

Anonymous asked: Your answer made my day :)

I’m glad it did because I poured out every drop of sincerity in all that I said.

Anonymous asked: Sooooo... Is everyone awesome in their own special way? Because THAT would be awesome x)

Exactly my friend.

Anonymous asked: Yey, it's a lot clearer like that. Thanks, you are amazing =)

Am I really? You are, anon, in every single way. Be you, do you and don’t let anyone tell you any different. You should feel special in any situation and your sexuality shouldn’t dictate how special you are. We’re all equals here.

Anonymous asked: I'm currently struggling with your "sexuality = choice" because, sure, you choose whatever you want to be identified with. But... For me, I choose to be gay, not straight or bi, because it was the only sexuality I was comfortable with. So I choose what I wanted to be, but not what I am. Did I get your point of view wrong or could you explain it to me pleeeeaaase? =)

Well, I put my words clearly the wrong way, in the wrong context. Be yourself, not what you want to be identified as. Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not. My point is, sexuality should be just your business, your right. People shouldn’t shove the “straight” idea down your throat, it’s not their choice. It shouldn’t be a choice in the first place, you should know deep down inside how you feel and what you are.  Hope I made myself understood on that one.